Hollywood superstar with ‘long list of famous exes diagnosed with HIV’

Who exactly is this Hollywood superstar that is making a threat to the women he slept with?!

Apparently, a very high profile Hollywood actor has been diagnosed with HIV. Apart from that, the actor is said to be known to have had a long list of famous exes and this is making the fuss with a lot of fans. They have been trying to take a guess on this mystery actor, but it seems that whoever knows who it is not going to make any claims. The unnamed actor appears to have been exes with a TV star, an award winning actress, a glamour model, , a top Hollywood personality, a religious movie star and a whole lot more. This knowledge is actually enough to fill in the gaps that fans need in order to make a good guess on which actor it is. The actor is clearly afraid of the consequences that he has to face when he goes public with this.

Talking about HIV will give you a very uncomfortable feeling, but because it poses a very dangerous threat to your body, you really had to go and take care of the matter. But with the knowledge of HIV being a treatable disease in this time and age, the problem will surely be put to peace especially when discussed properly.

The only thing that will not be cool is that when the alleged actor actually put the women he slept with in a very risky position. Whether he told them or used protection, it’s going to be messy if it leaks. One thing is for sure, this will be a headline that everyone will be talking about.

The actor’s lawyers have been preparing for some messy cases to be dealt with especially with this information. The actor however is afraid to break loose of this anonymity because a source said that he was afraid and is ‘paranoid’ as to quote that former lovers will come and sue him. He was also more afraid that even if he got his disease treated, he will be defined as an actor who had HIV. And as you can imagine, it will not do good for him who has been very dependent on his acting career.

This story is still developing and fans are definitely not having a good day with this in mind. Fans are still not sure who the mystery actor is, but one said that “if he just did the right thing and notified all those he slept with, and then it will be nobody else’s business”, which is true because it will be the safest path that he can do without having to damage much of his career and his image.

With a bit of time, that actor will surely be publicly known or it will be taken care of in his own way. The most probable solution that he can actually do is to just deal with it and let his past lovers know in secret. He must also be careful now that it’s out.