21 Strange Facts About The 2016 Election

Presidential elections have always been full of controversies and surprises. Apparently, the 2016 elections isn’t an exception. As early as today, the Republican and Democratic primaries have been making rounds in reaching the grassroots of politics and have been struggling to influence as many voters as they can. With a whopping 21 candidates, we’re pretty sure that we are looking at an action-packed presidential race.

Interestingly, there are tons of strange facts revolving around the coming elections and it would be pretty handy knowing some useful details before you cast down your vote. So, let’s take a look at these 16 strange facts about the 2016 elections.

1. The Democrats Are Raising Way More Money than the Republicans

Raising funds is practically part and parcel of every election campaign. And for this year, we have the Democrats raising more funds than the Republicans. In fact, the Democrats raised about $123.2 million while the Republicans raised only $143.5 million. It seems quite strange considering that there are 15 Republican hopefuls and only 6 Democratic candidates. Well, we could say that Clinton and Sanders have been incredibly busy.