18 Times Kris Jenner Showed Off Her Amazing Figure

Just because someone is in their golden years doesn’t mean they still don’t have their figures. Kris Jenner, mom, manager, business woman, and tv personality, taking care of her brood of children while simultaneously managing her own career in the industry, clearly proves that she’s still got a stunning figure.

And it hasn’t happened only once, but quite a few times already! The Kardashian momager could still give her girls a run for their money with the way she shows it off, and we’ve gathered the many times that she’s practically upstaged her daughters with her choice of outfits that always flatter her body type while showing off her curves.

This list is only one of the many times she’s done it too.

1. St. Bart’s Vacation

It’s hard to believe that Kris is about to turn 60 years old this year. Really! She’s turning the big 6-0! In a recent family vacation to St. Barts, the Kardashian matriarch was spotted walking along the beach in a black two piece swimsuit, showing off her amazing figure too. For a 60-year old, she certainly doesn’t look it.