23 Most Embarrasing Kim Kardashian Moments

Everyone has embarrassing moments, some more embarrassing than others.

Celebrities are not immune to that either, as we’ve seen countless times. From accidentally losing composure and slipping on stage, to tripping down the red carpet, to even saying something they shouldn’t.

For Kim Kardashian, almost every embarrassing moment she’s had is always caught on camera, being the reality star as well as the celebrity everyone loves and loves to hate.

But some of her embarrassing moments may probably be more embarrassing than others, and something that everyone probably won’t let her forget.

We’ve listed down some of the many embarrassing moments of the reality star.

1. Floured

Back in March of 2012, the reality star was promoting her newest fragrance, called True Reflection. Kim was walking down the red carpet when a woman suddenly threw a bag full of flour at her. The woman was detained by the police, and Kim headed to her dressing room to clean up.