15 Celebs Who Need a Stylist STAT!

With all of that money and all of those contacts, you would think that celebrities would be able to make sure they looked halfway decent when leaving the house. However, a surprising number of stars just seem to have no fashion sense whatsoever. These are our top 15 stars who are in dire need of a professional stylist!

1 – Nicki Minaj

Oh, Nicki! You are such a beautiful woman and you have a body to die for, but you have no fashion sense at all. Most of your outfits look like there was some kind of explosion in a textiles plant which set of a chain reaction in the paint factory next door! The end result is a hideous mix of fabrics, patterns and colours which just do not work! Nicki really needs a stylist to help her settle on one look! It’s fine to be bold and a little bit wacky, but you have to own it!

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