17 Irritating Images That’ll Give You OCD

Sure, not all of us have over the top OCD but I think we all have it to some degree. If you don’t believe me, look at the following photos and tell me if they don’t frustrate you…even a little bit. For example, I don’t really have OCD but the toilet on Slide #12 would drive me NUTS! Who does that?!?!

Now it is your turn to test your patience and see if you can look at all 17 of these incredibly irritating images without punching something. If you do make it through the list without hurting something, let us know how  you did it!

1. This Bubble Tape Gone Wrong

Aargh! Whoever took a bite off the bubble tape doesn’t seem to have any sense of perfectionism. Why ruin a perfectly rolled bubble tape? That’s not how you eat it! Enough said. We’re just stressing ourselves at the sight of the poor bubble tape.