17 Celebrity Makeup Fails

When in a red carpet event, or just in events in general, it’s always important to dress and look presentable. Celebrities know that as if it’s a habit that has been instilled in them, which is somewhat true over the years, depending on how long they have been in the industry they’re in. They’ve got their own team doing their hair and makeup, while another few people come in to bring the clothes they’ve got to wear, so when they’re in the car and on their way to the event, they’ve managed to look put-together. But of course, like having a few fashion fails now and then, there are also some makeup disasters. Lesson learned: Always, always have a small mirror with you when you go out.

1. Melissa Joan Hart

She’s most popularly known for being Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but we bet she wishes she was just as gifted as her well-known character during a premiere in Los Angeles. The actress, upon stepping onto the red carpet could be seen with a visible layer of translucent powder on her forehead as well as bits of it on her eyes and on her nostrils. Her makeup artist probably forgot to blend that one out. Blending is the secret, so is having a mirror handy.