21 Pictures Showing Miley Cyrus As A Child

She’s the world’s most talked-about star, and she’s been in the public eye since her teens. However, we don’t know much about Miley Cyrus’s life before fame. Here are 21 candid photo’s from the singer’s childhood, charting the good, the great, and the truly bizarre!

1) Birthday Baby

How cute does little Miley look in her party outfit?! This picture is proof that the singer was always a fan of outlandish, colourful fashion - even back when she was a baby, she couldn’t resist a bright print. At least she looks like she’s driving that kiddy truck responsibly..it as only later that she’d be hit by charges of DUI.

It is hard to believe this cute child is the same Miley Cyrus that rocked the wrecking ball! Although in Slide #13, the pose looks very familiar…but a little more innocent compared to her music video!