13 Reasons Why You Should Select the Window Seat When Flying

There are dozens of reasons why it is a must to ask for a window seat. One of the most common reasons is that you can simply lean on the window and sleep for the rest of your flight without having to get up for someone else. But that’s not entirely the reason why you should select a window seat. The magnificent view of the outside is most compelling and captivating. Imagine all the beauty and wonder you could witness! Are you getting all excited? So, no need to wait any longer. Here are 13 reasons why you should select window seat when flying.

1. Come Up With Creative Ways to Frame a Shot

For photography professionals and enthusiasts, sitting in the window seat means coming up with creative ways to frame a shot. Well, of course, who would ever want to miss all the beauty seen from above? And if you love taking photos from different angles, then this is your best chance to show off your skills.