Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls of Sports

Sports and beauty, for most of the time, comes hand-in-hand. Not just because of their skills, these women draw attention because of their stunning looks and, thus, their unwavering popularity. Check out these top 15 most beautiful girls of sports. This is where skills and beauty are at its best.

1. Kaylyn Kyle

She is hot, beautiful and athletic – an all-in-one package like Kaylyn Kyle, midfielder of Seattle Reign FC and the Canadian national team. Perhaps she is the most attractive player in their team. In fact, she’s not just some average sportswoman; she’s earned a gold medal during the 2011 pan-American Games and received a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. She acts as an ambassadress for her team, a role that comes along with her being the most beautiful and hottest player in the Canadian team.