14 Places You Should Visit Before They Disappear

We tend to think that we can get to something later, and we push it off until it is too late. However, we tend to think that places are always going to be around. However, there are many places that we have on our “Must See” lists that won’t be around for much longer. Here are 14 places you need to see before they go the way of Atlantis:

1. Easter Island


With the statues made famous from the Night at the Museum, Easter Island is becoming more and more famous as a tourist destination - which is exactly the reason why you might want to get there soon, The island has a population of about 5,000, of which fewer than half are Rapa Nui, the indigenous people of the island - however, tourism is starting to break down some of the natural resources on the island. The people are banding together to limit how many tourists they will take per year.