Incredible Images Of The Most Radioactive Places On Earth

Many people are pretty much unaware of just how widespread radioactive contamination actually is. There are many sites around the globe which are still very radioactive and we don’t just mean famous ones like Chernobyl. Across the world, there are people living close to these sites and the radiation is having a negative impact on them and their children. Let’s check out some of the most radioactive places in the world!

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Let’s get the most well known one on the list out of the way first. Chernobyl will always be the place that is synonmous with the words ‘ nuclear disaster’. A devastating accident at the nuclear plant in 1986 meant that massive amounts of radiation - 100 times more than both atomic bombs dropped on Japan combined - was released into the surrounding area, exposing more than 6 million people to the radiation. Originally there was a 30 mile exclusion zone surrounding the plant following the disaster, and much of the area has been reclaimed by nature. However, as the radiation has diminished over time there are now tours of Chernobyl available for those interested. These are conducted under strict conditions with only short term exposure to limit the danger of exposure.