These Photos Are Shocking When You Know How Old They Are…

Old photographs are always fun to look at. It brings back memories to a simpler time. A time that life was perfect and everything just stood still. Well, this couldn’t be truer than in the photos on the coming pages.

While these photos have a vintage 70s vibe to them, they date back a little further - to a time without cell phones, TVs or  video game consoles. They transport you to a simpler time where hanging out in the garden or on the beach was the cool thing to do. 

So, just how old are these photos?

Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet. Take a look through these incredible images and see if you can guess their age before it is revealed on the last slide! 

Good Luck!!

1. Autochrome Lumière


French brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière were the primary figures in the development of Autochrome Lumière. Although there were several experiments made beforehand, such proved impractical and unsuccessful. It was only when the Lumière brothers announced the discovery of the very first autochrome plates for commercial production.

The Autochrome is the process where photographs are produced using glass photographic plates coated in potato starches and filtered through dyes. Using such technology, the usual black-and-white photograph were brought to life.

It is crazy to think about the age of these photos. The shot of Christina paddling on the sea is incredible (slide #6). Don’t miss it!