21 Adorable Pictures That Prove Victorian Times Weren’t As Depressing As Everyone Thinks

The Victorian Era has shown us the fabulous and glamorous period of British history despite the proliferation of poverty and social inequality. History have shown us how the most prominent persons seems to be terribly stiff and stoic as if they don’t know how to have fun and enjoy the rest of the day. Perhaps it is because of the excessive jewelleries and voluminous dresses that took decades to complete which made them hardly in the mood to smile; however, despite the seemingly biased symbolization and generalization, the Victorian era was also secretly filled with amusement and merriment.

Check out these adorable pictures proving that Victorian Age weren’t as depressing as everyone thinks.

1. Picnickers In The Garden


See how happy they are? One could only think that these two individuals are spending quality time with each other. Perhaps we could think of them as sweethearts or just mere friends. Whatever the case really is, what’s important is how we see them in high spirit and joyous mood.