16 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Ocean… These Will Shock You!

The world under the sea is a lot more mysterious and a lot more creepy and scary than we think. There are things that have been discovered and theorized about the deep blue sea, some remain unexplained, and we might have to wait a while until we figure these out.

1. Baltic Sea Anomaly

This mystery was discovered back in 2011 by a group of divers. They found a 60-meter thick circular object at a depth of 90 meters under the sea. A 300 meter track leads to this unidentified object, and explorers and scientists are unable to figure out what it was and where it came from. Some say it was a UFO ship that sunk in the water a long, long time ago.

That theory coincidentally made sense as the gadgets that the divers and explorers would use suddenly won’t work upon approaching the anomaly. Another claim was that it was a German Ballistic object that landed in the ocean during World War 2. But it still remains a mystery until now.