20 Facts Donald Trump Wishes We’d Forget

Most of the world is holding its breath right now wondering what on earth is going on with Trump’s presidential campaign and more to the point Trump’s SUCCESS with the his presidential campaign. We all thought that there would be no way anyone would actually vote for him and how wrong we were.

Just who are these people voting? Do they actually know the truth about this man?

Let us shed light on Trump’s past and reveal 20 facts that Donald Trump doesn’t want anyone to know.

These facts reveal just how bad Donald Trump really is…


1. Trump’s “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco”


Trump, being himself, tweeted a chart of figures allegedly from the “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco” showing that of all the whites killed in the U.S., 81% were killed by blacks. Apparently, this supposed statistics was disproved by the FBI and said that such “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco” does not even exist! The FBI also showed figures for 2014 showing that 15% of whites were killed by blacks and 82% by whites.

You won’t believe his opinions on rape. Read on to find out…