At this point, I think that it’s widely accepted that The Simpsons is predicting the future or somehow influencing it, because it has way too many spot-on forecasts.

Everything from Trump’s presidency to Fox being purchased by Disney has been correctly predicted by the series. If it comes to sporting events, The Simpsons was able to accurately predict the results of those men’s curling closing from the Winter Olympics, where Team US narrowly beat Sweden to scoop the triumph.

So, it may be very good news for lovers of Mexico and Portugal, as The Simpsonspegged a World Cup final between the two teams back in 1997 in an episode titled The Cartridge Family and even though the episode doesn’t mention which years, fans in both nations reckon there is clues to indicate it’s this year. Looks like it may not be coming home after all then.

[youtube width=”100%” height=”300″ src=”rJu2qSJ9zno”][/youtube]

Perhaps slightly reaching for evidence that the closing is supposed to 2018, the Portugesenewspaper Eco wrote that from the event, which can be from over ten decades ago,”There appears to be a reference to the scandal that plagued the Mexican group who supposedly partied with several girls before the beginning of the tournament”

It is not gone undetected on Twitter, either:

Plus it might still occur, with Portugal through into the final 16 and Mexico at the top of Group F with six things.

The Simpsons’ uncanny knack for guessing world news does not stop there, possibly, it also had story lines featuring the horse-meat scandal and the Ebola outbreak.



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