Every single person definitely have a couple in their life, of course. Ever has a trouble, may be small problem or a big problem.

It’s just that, every person have a different reaction and way to solve their problem, isn’t they? Of course in a right way, but some people did in a different – wrong way. Like unexpected way.

Like some couple in the world. Sometimes so much problem come to your relationship, right?

Then, not all of you guys have a happy ending for their problem, some couple even have a big problem behind their after they solve it.

Some couple have their happy ending and still happy, but there are have a bad ending for their story.

So guys, now we are ready to explore that. Here, about the reason that completely doesn’t make a sense to solve their problem – just like their relationship – that can make them break up.

#1. You are too kind

It’s so general reason, guys. Some sources, said it can be heard in every single couple. You’ve heard that reason? It’s seems like, “let’s break. It’s because you are too kind for me.” But everything happens because both of you are kind, isn’t it?

Like when you asked the reason for choosing him –or her, then you said because he –or she is so kind. Treat you like you are the one, right? Then, it become a reason for end of your relationship. Really, it doesn’t make a sense, cause basicly people are kind.

This reason sometimes covered for explain about their saturation on the same way and really won’t on a date with you again. So, be aware of this reason if it heard from your couple. You must good read the situation so that you may feel unhappy, guessing about what is going on to you. It means that you are a really a good person.


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