The Walking Dead Season 7 Is Going To Turn Your World Upside Down

The Walking Dead Season 7 is set to premiere on October 23, and actor Norman Reedus says that big changes await the characters as the events after the controversial cliffhanger scene start to unravel.

Credit Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Reedus says that they had to go to extraordinary lengths to get into character for the filming of the show’s most talked about scene. The actors had to channel the same emotions when they came back to the set next season to film the events that followed that scene.

“It was exhausting, and it was no fun. You know, we always come back to this show every season, and we’re like, “Yeah, let’s get back into it!” You know, all the actors are excited to be here and see each other and get back into where they were. But this was one of those where it’s like, “Oh, f—. Here we go.” It was definitely not a joyous reunion. I mean, it was nice to see everybody again, of course, but it wasn’t the same as in previous years,” Reedus said in an interview for Entertainment Weekly.

After ending on a massive cliffhanger, the network has to deliver on its promise and give us a season worthy of the epic scene that preceded it. The actor says that a complete change of the balance of power within the group means that the set of rules and principles to which the characters adhered so far has changed entirely. They are no longer on the same path, and they need to fight for their lives in a way they haven’t had to in previous seasons.

“I mean, it’s a brand new world right now. It’s a complete change of power,” Reedus said. “Our whole world has been turned upside down, and that group of people have been fighting to have their feet firmly on the ground and have some sort of direction to live in and some sort of code to live by and moral compass, and they thought they were doing it okay, you know? It was hard, and they had to go through things all the time, but they were on a path, and now that path has been ripped from their feet, and things that they believe in are completely different now. The world is completely turned upside down.”

Reedus says that not everyone is ready to bend the knee and while there are those who have found it easier to just accept the new authoritarian figure, many have decided to fight it, with great consequence. “It affects the group completely differently,” Reedus told EW. “You know, everyone, it affects them differently. Some relinquish power. Some accept it. Some fight it. There are people questioning it.” Negan’s arrival has completely changed the dynamics of power within the group.

“There are people pointing their fingers. There are people blaming themselves. Other things happen that completely destroy people. The group is completely broken apart at this point. Negan has come in and completely shaken up everything. Loyalties are broken, belief in one another, belief in ourselves. Each individual is completely broken, and they don’t all handle it the exact same way.” Season 7 can’t arrive soon enough.