21 Epic Stuff Written By Children That Deserve An Oscar. #20 Is A Facepalm.

Children are children.


Here are 21 excerpts that will convince you that children are literary geniuses:

1. Props for being creative


A good writer will take the story in a different direction and take the reader with him.

2. Philosophers are hard to come by these days


Bold men make bold statements.

3. Pointing out the important things


If there wasn’t a Nobel prize for maths, there sure as hell is one for medicine.

4. It’s not even a ball, but he gets points for trying


This explains why Americans shy away from the metric system.

5. When you’re too dark for your coloring books


It’s an adequate depiction of your reality.

6. Surely he’s up for ‘The Perfect Antonym’ award


To be honest, it doesn’t take much for a word to change the dictionary. And when the word in question corresponds with reality, there’s really no reason to object to it.

7. The hero of couch potatoes worldwide


The perfect job.

8. Props for creating a new profession, there’s probably an award for that as well


But, this is probably where we’re all headed anyway.

9. One can dream


And with advances in cosmetic surgery and breakthroughs in science, you too can become Michael Jordan.

10. The family of the year award goes to this kid


For truly appreciating his family.

11. The frontrunner for the ‘Negotiator of the Year’ award


Well, it’s only fair.

12. Definitely a favorite for the ‘Apology of the Year’ award


Well, at least he’s honest.

13. The ‘Perfect Friend’ award


Is there any other way to make friends?

14. Your rights aren’t rights if someone can just take them away


When your heart aches, you speak the truth and hope for the best.

15. Do we have an award for declarations of love


Hopefully, the girl that wrote this lives in India.

16. Honesty is a virtue


When you love someone because of what they do, not because of what they are.

17. How to be a best friend


Lovely, just lovely.

18. This one is up for the ‘Best Wishes’ award


Well that’s one way to wish someone a safe trip.

19. The best girlfriend


She’s keeping her options open, and he’s not ready to lose hope just yet.

20. The best sales assistant


When your kid has a bright future as a sales assistant.

21. If only an award for mythological studies existed


When you get extra points for knowing your mythical creatures.

If you’re not one to believe in conspiracies then ask yourself this: Why hasn’t a kid won the Nobel prize with so many of these gems floating around the internet?