Snoop Dogg Cursed Donald Trump And Told Him To Get A New Haircut!

Many things were said at the Republican National Convention on Monday night; some you might agree with, some you might not, and some that were downright frightening.

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But it wasn’t policies or ideas that everyone was talking about after its conclusion. After everything that was said, it was Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech that stole the spotlight. She took a lot of heavy criticism for essentially copying parts of first lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, or at least her speechwriter did.

Some of the sound bites were copied word for word, while some a little more subtle, but it was clear that the Trump campaign blatantly plagiarized Obama’s speech. Many came to her defence, claiming that she unwittingly read some lazy speechwriter’s work, but many weren’t happy with her as well, including Snoop Dogg, who’s been known to talk about anything and everything on his social media profiles lately.

For some reason Snoop took offense with the former model’s plagiarized speech and decided to let everyone know what he thought of it and the whole Trump campaign in general, pulling no punches in the process. “How you going to have your wife get at Michelle Obama n***a? F**k you n***a,” he said via Instagram while smoking something green. “Now I’m on a mission too. Yeah n***a, f**k Donald Trump. We ain’t voting for your punk a**. Go get you a new hairdo b***h a** n***a,” said Snoop.

Look, quoting Snoop Dogg is not exactly an easy job, because let’s be honest, there are more bleeps than there are actual words. So you might as well hear what he had to say without the awkward censorship:

With YG and Nipsey’s F*** Donald Trump song playing in the background, Snoop did not leave anything to the imagination. It’s safe to say that he was pretty clear on the message he wanted to convey. In light of recent criticism, Melania Trump’s speechwriter, ex-ballerina Meredith McIver, has come forward to clear things up. She took responsibility for the plagiarized speech, claiming that it was an honest mistake.

“This was my mistake,” she wrote. “Mr. Trump told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences.” She even offered her resignation, but Trump would not accept it. “I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama,” Ms. McIver wrote. “No harm was meant.” Maybe it’s true that no harm was meant, and it might’ve been an honest mistake, but Snoop will hardly care about that.