12 Most Unbelievable Roadcam Videos That Made It On the Internet

Well… that escalated quickly.

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Dash cams have grown in popularity in the last half decade, especially in Russia, where insurance scammers and corrupt police officers have prompted a large portion of the population to buy them as legal protection against possible fraud. While their use is not entirely legal in every country, dash cams are becoming more and more prevalent as the years go by. And as the number of dash cams in the world goes up, so do the number of hilarious and insane situations that are captured by drivers every day. Here are 12 of the craziest videos captured by dash cams:

1.This terrifying video of a plane explosion

The plane crash that was recorded by this driver’s dash cam will give you nightmares.

2. A real life lesson

A girl gets a real-life lesson after a guy on a motorcycle crashes in front of them on the highway. Thankfully, the guy isn’t too hurt.

3. Like a rolling stone

This incredible landslide was captured by a dashcam in China. Luckily, nobody was crushed by the giant boulder that smashed its way down the mountain and ultimately on the road. You could actually see it break apart from the rocks at the beginning of the video.

4. Karma is a five-letter word that rimes with snitch

Karma has a way of biting back incompetent drivers. Feel sorry for the poll, though.

5. Mad parking skills

This guy is probably auditioning to become the new stuntman for the upcoming Fast and Furious film.

6. Ah, sweet, sweet revenge

How to properly deal with road rage: A demonstration by a guy who never wanted any trouble. It might be one punch too many, but that’s what you get for endangering the lives of other people.

7. An epic duel

Human, you shall not pass!

8. Never take your eyes off the road

Try not to drive 140 mph, and if you do, at least keep your eyes on the things that can literally kill you.

9. A not-so-fun accident in the snow

Learn from this guy’s mistakes and refrain from overtaking when the road looks like a ski trap.

10. A happy car crash in Toronto

Even the car crashes in Canada are friendly. Either that, or someone won’t get their birthday balloons.

11. A gas explosion

An explosion so fierce, the roads will probably have to be repaved. We don’t speek Russian so we turned to our good friend Google Translate for some explanation, and according to him, the video is titled, “Explosion gazelle with balloons on the Ring Road.”

12. A biker attack with a twist

If you’ve seen your fair share of Hollywood movies, then you know that biker attacks can be quite frightening. However, as the woman in the video found out, they can also turn out to be the best moment in your life.