Groom Walks Off The Altar During Wedding Vows. Watch Who He Walks To. OMG.

Weddings are a complicated affair. From the flowers, to the music, to the color of the curtains, it certainly takes time and effort to plan the extravagant ceremony.

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Everything must be perfect on the day that marks the beginning of the lucky couple’s life together. But some things you just can’t plan for, because those things can’t be tough, paid for or artificially created. It’s because those things come from within us. It’s the things that can move us to tears or make us laugh.

It’s the emotional moments that stay with us forever. Such is the case of this groom who delivered the most heartfelt vow to the bride’s daughter. Probably the most pivotal moment of any wedding is when the bride and groom face each other and deliver those all important vows. That’s the moment the couple promises their love for each other, they make a commitment to give everything for each other and dedicate the entire rest of their lives to each other.

Some vows will bring everyone to tears, others will make everyone laugh, but whether they are emotional or lighthearted, vows are arguably the moment everyone’s waiting for. The priest gave a short speech and then asked them to deliver their vows. It was at this moment that the groom said, “Alright, hold on one sec,” walked over to his step-daughter and delivered the most heartfelt speech you will ever hear at a wedding.

“Come here Marissa. Marissa, I am so happy to be marrying your mother, and I love you so much, too. And I’m so blessed and honored to have you as a little girl in my life now. So, just as like I promised your mom with a diamond, I had to get you one too. It’s a nice big diamond too, it’s real, but it’s in the shape of a heart, so you’ll always have a piece of my heart with you. Now, let’s put it on you.”

“Do you like it?” As the girl nodded in response to the silly question, everyone in the room started laughing. “I think your mom might be jealous too,” said her new father. “I love you and I promise to treat you like nothing less than my own daughter, forever. I love you forever.”

It was an emotional moment for the groom, who could barely keep it together as he gave the diamond necklace to his future daughter. He returned to the altar, but the priest needed a little time to remind himself where they left off. It was a lovely moment of true emotion – one that will be remembered forever by the people who were in attendance, especially the little girl, who will understand the full significance of it only after she grows up.