This New German Beer Ad Just Showed Men Cradling Their Beer Bellies And It’s Going VIRAL!

Beer might not be the first drink you go for when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but that has never stopped breweries from making these incredibly symbolic commercials in an attempt to attract new customers.

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We are pretty sure that you don’t need to lure and deceive men into drinking beer, as that is part of our DNA, but this company has decided to have a go at it anyway. The brewery, which has existed since the Middle Ages, according to its official website, has found a way to reinvent itself with a hilarious new ad that is bound to make an impression on people.

The German company has taken an honest approach to advertising (if there is such a thing), with some refreshing results. The images give the term “beer belly” a whole other meaning. The advertising campaign appropriately titled, “Brewed with love” traded typical male models, with models more similar to the company’s target demographic. They didn’t stop there, however. They made them pose like moms-to-be, cradling their bellies just like mothers would.

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Although the ad takes a leap of faith comparing beer with babies and drunk, middle-aged men with beautiful fertile women, everyone that has ever had a beer belly knows that men nurture their beer bellies like women do their unborn children – with devotion and love. It speaks volumes that someone has finally had the audacity to stand up for men with beer bellies everywhere and send a message that will echo on the internet for weeks to come.

They have finally been recognized for the brave people they are, because it takes a special kind of man to sport a true beer belly. All jokes aside, it’s obvious that the commercial is just poking fun at maternity photos, which is a very stupid trend that has emerged in recent years. And it became especially popular with the emergence of popular social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, which seem like the perfect platforms for women to show off their bumps.

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While pregnancy is a very special milestone for women everywhere, we think we speak for all men when we say that there’s really no point in organizing a photo shoot just to commemorate your huge belly. Sure, there’s a living human being inside you, but on the outside it’s just a giant belly. Is it really something you want to remember? That very same human being will have to come out of you someday, and those pictures will only remind you of the several excruciating hours of labor you’re going to go through.

 But, you’re free to do what you like, which means we as men are free to do what we like as well, and as long as you keep taking pregnant pictures, we’ll keep treating you with photo sessions of beer bellies. Someone needs to make this a thing.