Students Pose For A Class Photo. 30 Years Later What The Teacher Discovers? OMG

“When I first saw him I could hardly believe it,” said Lorly Schik

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Lorly Schik began her teaching career in the Berham school district of Minnesota way back in the 1940s, and built up a reputation as a wonderful and caring teacher, who almost always left a positive impression on her students. She retired in 1989, and even after all these years, she could still remember the face of every single one of her students. Many students were impacted by her resolute guidance and kindness.

She was about to celebrate her retirement with her husband by travelling across the country, but he unexpectedly died. She was left alone, and now, she recently made the decision to move into a living complex for senior citizens. It was an emotional decision for Schik, who is 90 today. Schik was watching the news on a local St. Paul, Minnesota channel, when she saw something that immediately struck her. One of the news anchors seemed incredibly familiar.

It was Cory Hepola of KARE-11 News from Minnesota. “You always remember your kindergarten teacher. Mine was Mrs. Schik. Just the best, but she retired a year later so I never really saw her around school again,” said the news anchor. Apparently, Mrs. Schik sent a letter to his parents expressing her delight at watching her former student on television. After he read the letter, he knew he needed to see his old kindergarten teacher again.

“I told my mom immediately, ‘I’ve got to see her,’” Hepola said. “I couldn’t wait, to be honest. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her,’Thank you for everything.’” Hopola’s mother, Diane, even sent her a note. Hopola says that he cried when he read his mother’s kind words to his old teacher. “You have made a positive impression on Cory’s life and many others. You should be very proud of your teaching skills,” Diane wrote in her note.

”I tried to hold it in, but I cried when I read it,” he said. “My mom is the very best person in the world, and her kind words meant a lot to Mrs. Schik. I’m thankful to have people like this in my life.” And so, he did. He went to visit her at the retirement home in Minnesota. They sat together in her new home and talked for hours. They looked at pictures from the days when she was still a teacher. They also read some heart-warming messages she had received over the years from her students, one of which was from Hepola himself.

The whole thing was covered by KARE and it was later uploaded on YouTube by USA Today. The heartwarming video now has more than a million and a half views. “When I first saw him I could hardly believe it,” said Schik. “I remember him as a little dark-haired cute kid. I haven’t seen him in years. We have been waiting and waiting to get together and it’s finally happening.” “The reunion has meant a great deal to me and my family,” Hopola said and added that he is planning to visit her again sometime soon, and this time he will bring his son as well.