Anton Yelchin, Star Trek Actor, Sadly Dies At 27

Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin tragically died Sunday morning in a traffic collision, a representative of the actor confirmed to Entertainment Weekly.

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His body was found pinned between his car and the gate at his home in California, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed to People Magazine. The circumstances surrounding his death are bizarre to say the least. According to reports, Yelchin was pinned between his own car and the gate of his house. Police say there is no evidence of foul play, and reports suggest that the actor might have forgotten to apply the parking brake before getting out of his car. His vehicle, a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, rolled backwards down the steep driveway of his home in Studio City, and pinned him against the fence.

It’s worth noting that back in April Fiat Chrysler recalled 1.1 million faulty cars, that were reportedly at risk of rolling away after their drivers would leave the vehicles. Police are yet to release a detailed statement. A representative of Yelchin confirmed that his death was a result of a “fatal traffic collision”, saying that more detailed information on the exact cause of death will be released once the autopsy is completed. He began his promising career back in 2000, appearing in famous TV shows like ER, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

He won over the hearts of critics and fans with a 2006 performance in the crime drama Alpha Dog, and a year later his starred as Charlie in the romantic comedy Charlie Bartlett. In a 2007 interview for People he talked about how he wanted to come back to Russia one day. He also spoke about how he found immense beauty in the world. The interview reveals the true character of Yelchin. “Yeah, I was born in Russia and I haven’t been back there,” he said. “Like, I came here when I was 6 months old and that’s it. So it’s gonna be a crazy adventure, you know?”

“There are moments of something so beautiful like, people’s interactions are so complex… That’s why I hate it when people say they’re bored. You cannot be bored. This is not a world where boredom occurs, you know what I mean? This world is always crazy, it’s always hard to deal with, it’s always interesting.” He completed four films that he would not live to see released including the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise, Beyond, written by co-star Simon Pegg and directed by Justin Lin, Porto, a romantic drama, and We don’t belong here, a family drama.

His last film, which he wrapped up in Boston less than two weeks before his tragic death, will be Thoroughbred, a psychological thriller about two girls who strike up an unlikely friendship but they soon realize that things are just not as they seem, and a murder might bring a solution to all their problems. He will be remembered as one of the brightest and most talented young actors working in Hollywood.