He Protects His Son From Neighborhood Bullies. Now See What’s Inside His Blue Coat

Brace yourselves, you’re about to watch the most heartwarming and inspiring commercial ever made.

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The American Family Insurance commercial is going viral on the internet, and for all the right reasons. The commercial, appropriately released on Father’s Day 2016, celebrates the way our dads often look out for us, providing us with much needed support before we are capable enough to be sent on our way into the world alone. The story begins with a boy, a boy with a dream of becoming a flamenco dancer.

But then his dad walks into his bedroom carrying a box, and in that box there is a judo uniform. The boy quickly realizes that his dad is setting him on a path vastly different to the one he has chosen for himself. And so the boy’s judo training begins. However, every day on the way to the bus, the other boys in his neighborhood make fun of the fact that he needs his dad to protect him from bullies.

The boy continues working hard, and after a while, something remarkable happens. His persistence has paid off. As he slowly gets better and better, he earns more and more belts, he grows in stature and character, and suddenly neighborhood bullies are not so intimidating. He even wins a trophy, putting it on his shelf for everyone to see. Little did he know, his father was setting him up to achieve his lifelong dream this whole time.

He knew what was best for him, and he insisted on him taking that judo class, even if it meant temporarily forgetting about becoming a flamenco dancer. He is strong now, confident, and there are no more neighborhood bullies to mess with him. One day, his dad walks into the room, carrying another box. This one, contained his dreams. He was ready. “When you’re pursuing a dream, it helps to have the right insurance first,” roll credits.

While it’s easy to take our fathers and grandfathers for granted, we should take the time to honor them and their love, sacrifice and devotion to us. It’s important to acknowledge them for being there when we’ve needed them the most, and we should hope that one day we will get to be there for them. A short Father’s Day card will go a long way in making your father just a bit happier.

If you don’t know what to send, this one is a personal favorite of mine: “Dad, you’re in all my favorite memories.”