Groom Refused To See His Bride’s Face. When I Saw Why? I Can’t Resist Sharing THIS!

When 25-year-old Gabriel Deku saw his beautiful bride to be, Annabelle, he was so overwhelmed with joy that he broke down in tears in front of everybody.

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Seeing her in her gown for the first time ever, made Gabriel so emotional, that he just couldn’t keep himself from crying. Just days before the wedding, Deku made a bet with his mom that he would keep himself from tearing up during the ceremony. He seems to have lost that bet, but in a touching turn of events, he won the heart of the romantics out there who watched the video of the ceremony.

While many grooms might get cold feet or have some serious anxiety out of fear of commitment, at the moment of truth Gabriel’s reaction was so unexpectedly perfect and fully encapsulated what true love is all about. Annabelle did not expect that kind of reaction from Gabriel and neither did her bridesmaids. Some of them were brought to tears by the groom’s effluence of emotions.

“Leading up to the wedding I was the complete opposite. I actually had a bet with my mom that I wouldn’t cry. Seeing her there, I suddenly felt a big appreciation of what I actually have. Knowing that I’m in a relationship like that made me really overjoyful; where someone loves me unconditionally,” Gabriel told the Daily Mail.

“She looked so beautiful. We have different characters; she is actually the more emotional one in the relationship, while I was trying to be the hard man. I kept saying, I’m not going to cry,” he added. The extravagant wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful church and Annabelle looked particularly stunning in her dress which seemed to fit so perfectly in a picture that looked like it was taken right out of a fairytale.

The touching moment left the congregation speechless. They started cheering him on while his best man, Tolu Ige, urged him to keep it together. Tolu, who was not only Gabriel’s best friend and best man at the wedding, but the one who introduced him to Annabelle as well, can be heard saying, “Come on, stand up, stand up. This is your moment, man…”

The emotional moment that touched many was posted by De Rienzo Films, the company that filmed the ceremony, and was later picked up by The Daily Mail. Not long after became a viral sensation and just like the people in the video, the people that watched it couldn’t contain their emotions. Whoever said men weren’t emotional needs to take a look at this one-minute short clip.