Germany Produced So Much Renewable Energy It Actually Paid People To Use It!

Now that is one country I’d love to stay in. The mere thought of being paid to use electricity makes me wallet smile.

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The country of Germany is one of the biggest electricity consumers in the world, which is why it was so remarkable when the government came out with a plan to considerably reduce their greenhouse emissions coming from the energy industry in the coming years, as well as moving to renewable resources as their number one electricity source. Back in May, around 85% of the country’s electricity came from renewable resources for a day.

It was the first time ever Germany has hit the 85% mark. The German government says that by 2050 the country will be entirely powered by renewable resources and hopes to lead by example when it comes to efficient use of generating and consuming electricity. Germany has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by a commendable 40% by 2020, and 85% by 2050.

The potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions coming from the energy sector is extremely high, as it is responsible for more than 80% of all emissions in the country. About 40% of CO2 emissions come from the production of electricity, which is why efficient use of electricity and energy conversion is imperative if the country is going to achieve its goals.

The transformation should have a positive impact on Germany’s economy on top of the obvious environmental benefits. In July of last year, Denmark managed to meet all of its electricity needs and then some. The country generated 140% of its electricity demand through renewable energy resources and exported the surplus of energy to other European countries. Germany and Norway split 80% of the excess electricity, while Sweden took the remaining 20%.

“It shows that a world powered 100% by renewable energy is no fantasy. Wind energy and renewables can be a solution to decarbonisation – and also security of supply at times of high demand,” said Oliver Joy, a spokesman for the European Wind Energy Association. Country are slowly warming up to the concept of using renewable resources as their dominant electricity generating system.

The country of Morocco is building the largest solar power plant ever in the middle of the desert which will power a considerably large portion of the country. The $9 billion renewable energy project will change the way Morocco consumes and creates its energy. At the moment, the country imports 94% of their energy needs as fossil fuels and it’s slowly taking a toll on their economy.

Many countries are turning to solar power but to considerably change the energy market through solar power we would need a global energy initiative that will require a political and economic agreement between a large number of nations. Wind is the more realistic option, and countries like Denmark and Germany have showed that it can be done with little fuss.