Sikh Man Removes His Turban To Play Spiderman. When I Saw Why? I’m Inspired.

A man in India channeled his inner Spiderman in order to save a drowning dog. Nearby onlookers were shocked as they thought he was resigning his faith!

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Sarwan Singh was driving in his car when he spotted a helpless dog struggling to stay afloat in a nearby irrigation canal. Many people were watching the horrible ordeal, with no one really being brave enough to help the drowning dog. Without hesitation, 28-year old Sarwan jumped out of his car, took off his turban and leaned over the canal to reach for the dog.

“I stopped my car and went over to check what was happening. I was shocked to see that there was a dog drowning but no was actually helping.” Because he cannot swim, Sarwan was forced to improvise and made a rope out of his turban, which baffled some of the religious onlookers, as he was breaking a very strict religious code of conduct. The improvised rope allowed him to lean over the canal and reach for the dog.

“The moment I started taking off my turban, people watching around were shocked. They thought I was disrespecting my faith,” said Sarwan. The dog, however, was clearly in shock, as it wasn’t aware of what was going on. Sarwan’s efforts were not reciprocated by the frightened animal, which seemed to not want to be rescued. After a short chase in the waters, they caught the canine, fed him biscuits, and then sent it on its way.

“The dog wasn’t comfortable. He was not coming to me at all. We had to follow him for around 200 metres before I was able to wrap my turban around his neck and pull him to safety. The dog was frightened, so I fed him some biscuits and let him go on his own,” Sarwan was quoted saying in an interview for UK Metro. His selfless act was caught on camera and quickly became an online sensation.

This is not the first time something like this has happened in India. Inderpal and Kamalpreet Singh from Sangrur were videotaped doing something even more heroic last September as they abandoned religious code of conduct to save eight children from drowning in a very similar situation.

“First, five youths slipped into the canal while immersing the idols. They had fallen very near to the canal bridge and shouted for help. I immediately spotted a wire lying near the bridge and rescued two of them with the help of the wire. However, three others were still caught in a current. Then, three persons jumped into the canal to rescue the trapped trio. However, they, too, were caught in a whirlpool. Then I threw my nine-metre-long turban into the canal and pulled out three youths,” said Kamalpreet.