13 Shocking WWE Wrestler Retirement Stories

While most people are happy to admit that the world of televised wrestling is fairly fantastical (or fake), the dedicated athletes involved in the sport are very much real and their lives are often dramatically impacted by what can truly be a very dangerous sport. Here are some of the most shocking WWE wrestling retirement stories: 

1. Nigel McGuinness

Source: theonlywayissuplex.wordpress.com

Steven Haworth better known as Desmond Wolfe or  Nigel McGuinness is probably best known for his days as the Ring of Honour World Champion and performing with TNA, rather than his work with WWE, even though he was signed in 2009. 

It turns out that in 2009, not long after getting his title, he was struck from the WWE roster after failing to get his torn biceps surgically treated and from there went to work with TNA. Though he had an impressive debut season, winning several big fights, he was pulled from the TNA line-up due to personal issues, which later were revealed to be a Hepatitis B diagnosis.

Since leaving in 2010, he has come out of retirement for several big fights for both TNA and the Ring of Honor and has done notable work raising awareness for the need for Hepatitis B vaccinations, with his documentary The Last Of McGuinness. 

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