Netflix Realized Nobody Liked Their Movie Selections. Their Solution? Epic.

Netflix has finally heard our prayers, and although it’s not quite there yet, let’s hope it gets there soon.

Netflix Netflix

It’s official! People will have one more reason to get Netflix. The company behind incredibly original and well-made shows such as House of Cards, Bloodline, Black Mirror, Daredevil, Orange is the New Black and many more, is finally going to do something about the terrible movie collection it has on offer. Many people don’t know that despite bringing about the revolution in internet streaming and producing some of the best shows out there today, Netflix has some inexplicably poor movies on offer.

This is a remnant of the days when the service made very little revenue and offered a limited list of extremely poor B-movies that nobody really wanted to see. Back then, customers had very little options when it came to choosing movies with titles like Splatter, Rubber and The Country Teacher accompanied by cheap romantic comedies and poorly made documentaries.

There were, of course, hidden gems, with occasional classics being made available, but those are few and far in between and they usually disappear after a few months. But this is all set to change within the next few months. The guys at Netflix are aware of this problem, which is why they have been working hard on a new deal with Disney to bring us the very best of the best. As of this September, Netflix will have the exclusive rights to stream every single Disney film that has ever been made.

This will include every Pixar and Lucasfilm production, as well as every movie from the Marvel cinematic universe, which is just the icing on the cake. This means that watching Captain America and Iron Man battle it out in the new adrenaline-fuelled, action packed Civil War will be just a click away. We will also get to see some of our favorite classic Disney characters like Aladdin, Simba, Mickey Mouse, and many more, so there will be something for the whole family.

Netflix made the unexpected announcement along with their summer line-up news which initially caused a bit of a stir, because movies like Hercules, Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame suddenly disappeared from Netflix’s offer list. However, we have been assured that they will be back this September, along with all many, many other famous Disney characters.

As for the movies that are yet to be released, we can expect them on Netflix seven to nine months after they leave theaters, which is longer than the time it takes for the distributors to release them on DVD and Blu-ray, but it’s a big step forward for the streaming industry, and one that should make a lot of fans happy. Just try not to glue your eyes to the screen. Netflix and chill is still an option, though.