Why a Boss Should Never Nap At Work

In general, napping is okay. Who am I kidding, I love to nap. Napping is great BUT napping at the work place is STILL to this day not as mainstream as it should be. But if you’re like the CEO then it’s okay to nap, right? You make the rules anyway! You’re the boss man! As this napping CEO finds out…napping at the office especially if you run a photo-editing company is a really bad idea. I can’t believe this guy has made himself vulnerable enough to nap where his employees can take pictures of him and edit the photo any which way they want. This CEO is basically a cat exposing his belly. As it turns out at Enlight even the CEO is not safe from being edited into photos.

To make this article even more fun we’re going to be inserting some trivia about the paintings and photos CEO Zeev Farbman has been edited into. Enjoy!

1 – It Started Off Innocently Enough

image 1

Zeev was just napping peacefully and rather comfortably (he’s taken off his shoes you guys).

You will LOL so hard at what happened next!