18 Jobs Robots Will Eventually Steal

Since films such as Terminator and AI: Artificial Intelligence were released we’ve become increasingly aware of the growth in machines – the uprising if you will. Robots and machines are efficient, low cost and always start work on time and from an employers perspective are infinitely better than humans. Here are some of the latest jobs that could be under threat from Skynet, er…I mean the machines:

1. Chefs

Source: stufftoblowyourmind.com

In 2015 Moley Robotics unveiled their ‘Robo-Chef’, a robot which could prepare, chop and cook food for any meal, making it perfectly every time (or exactly the same), even cleaning the dishes. Because a recipe is essentially a set of simple tasks which can be completed like clockwork, a robot (once fitted with adaptable hands) can take over, reducing any human mistakes. The ‘Robo-Chef’ comes onto the market in 2017′.

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