This Guy Found Quite the Surprise in His Blueberry

We all know that the food industry in this country is in a sorry state. Our food is making people unhealthy, sick and obese. It has even become harder and harder to purchase healthy food as they tend to be much more expensive than the junk you can buy at the grocery store. But sometimes, the people who handle our food can be so careless that we sometimes find stuff in our food that is NOT supposed to be there. This guy for example posted on Reddit about how he found a “little friend” living in one of his blueberries. Nobody thinks of washing fruit or vegetables anymore, as most of them have been pre-washed anyway—or so the packaging says. Thankfully, this guy took the time to wash of some of his blue berries before popping the blueberries into his mouth. Had he not washed those berries he definitely would’ve eaten into an unexpected source of protein.

1 – Blueberry Surprise

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Most people will assume that their produce is safe to eat. Fruit most especially. How many times have you snacked on a tub of fruit without washing them? This reddit user is no different but the one time he washed his produce was the one time it really mattered. Bsegovia (the reddit user) was about to eat a bowl of cereals when he found a curious little web on one of his blueberries.

Up ahead: You will not believe what he found in his blueberry!