20 Incredible Photos from the Prohibition Era

Prohibition in the United States was a national ban on the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol from 1920-1933. The ban was mandated by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the Volstead Act was set down to enforce the ban. In 1933 prohibition would end because of the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment. There was a lack of a solid consensus on the hotly debated issue which led to widespread flouting of the law. It became increasingly difficult to enforce the alcohol ban. The prohibition resulted in the growth of criminal organizations including the modern American mafia which was also aided by the presence of corrupt politicians and police men.


This gallery will provide give you a glimpse of what it was like during the prohibition. Anti-prohibition protests were happening left and right. It seemed that every time the government would crackdown on one illegal distillery that five would sprout in its place. These 20 incredible photos from the prohibition era will show you the tug of war between the US and its citizens.



1 – The Volstead Act

image 1

Prohibition began in the 1920s with the passing of the Volstead Act. The 18th Amendment of the US Constitution was ratified in 1919 and the Volstead Act was enacted in order to keep the amendment in force. Here, officials dump liquor down the drain.


Up ahead: you won’t believe the amount of liquor they threw away!