22 Movie Sequels You Never Knew Existed

Some movies (like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The X-Men and Avengers franchises) are so good, so entertaining and have basically unlimited material that we cannot wait for the sequels to happen. Some other movies though have such bad sequels you don’t remember them anymore or never hear about them. Here are 22 movie sequels you never knew existed.

1 – The Rage: Carrie 2

image 1

Year: 1999

Sequel to: Carrie

In 1976, Carrie was undefeatable as a horror movie. The first time I watched it was some 30 years after it was released and it was still, at least, mildly terrifying. The Rage just didn’t live up to Sissy Spacek’s Carrie.

Up ahead: two of the leads from the prequel make a cameo on this Lost Boys sequel