Mom Goes Shopping At Kohl’s. When She Removes Her Glasses & Puts THIS On Her Face? OMG!

“Hey! I’m really excited to share with you something I got!” – Candace Payne


With a lot of videos being posted on the internet everyday, it is truly unpredictable which one of them will go viral. When Candace Payne from Grand Prairie Texas recorded her own video, she probably would not have fathomed the extent to which her clip which was captioned “The simple joys of Life” would be watched over the internet, more than 123 Million views and counting!

The four minute clip was a showcase from an earlier visit to Kohl where she got herself a Chewbacca mask. This mask got her all excited and she had to make a video, in her car amid a lot of hysterical laughter. So much did she like her mask that she proclaimed that it was for her and will not belong to either of her two kids and at the end of the day, it would end up in her room and not at the toy box.

Candace goes ahead to try it on and boy, it is really a very cool mask indeed. What is more intriguing other than the fact that the video went viral is the manner in which Kohl store responded to it. As a result of Candace’s video, viewers rushed to Kohl’s stores buying the unexpectedly popular laughter inducing Chewbacca masks making it difficult for Kohl to keep up with the demand!

For Payne and her family, a Kohl’s representative dropped by at her home with an assorted merchandise of Star Wars toys and gadgets for the family. This included three more Chewbacca masks for the kids and daddy. “We don’t want you to have to share your Chewbacca mask, so we ‘confiscated’ masks for everybody,” the Kohl’s rep told Candace Payne, referencing her brief confusion in the viral video about how to pronounce “confiscated.” The representative further expressed appreciation to Candace for being a ‘loyal Kohl shopper’.

“We can’t tell you how much we appreciate that,” he added. The gift back contained a further five gift cards totalling a sum of $2,500 for them to enjoy shopping with at any Kohl’s store online. She also got 10,000 reward points to be issued in July and used in August. The kids could not hide their joy at the additional masks with the boy declaring that he would give a particular mask to daddy. Candace and her daughter finally tries the masks on and she erupts into further laughter with her daughter.