Jimmy Kimmel Made This Epic Announcement

Earlier this month, Jimmy Kimmel said he would make a run for the second highest post in the nation, the Vice Presidency. Kimmel ventured to Hollywood Boulevard on a double-decker bus and proceeded to deliver his speech. At the end of his announcement he was interrupted by CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper who all fired multiple questions to discuss Kimmel’s sudden interest in politics. We’re not so sure where Jimmy is going with this. Is it a stunt or is it for real? Does Jimmy Kimmel even belong to a political party? If find out, click next!

1 – Jimmy Kimmel Announces Bid for VEEP

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Late Night Talk Show Jimmy Kimmel announced that he is running for the second highest post in the nation, he is making a bid for Vice Presidency.

Is he…is he serious??