20 Bizarre Celebrity Urban Legends

Ooooh, we love us a good urban legend! Whether it’s about the house down the street that’s been empty for years or the fate of the homeless crazy woman we always saw around the supermarket, a good urban legend, like a good conspiracy theory, is irresistible. It’s especially irresistible and juicy though if the urban legend is about your favorite show or celebrity. These 20 Bizarre Celebrity Urban Legend will definitely pique your interest!

1 – The Hanging Munchkin

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This is an urban legend that relates to the movie The Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland, who played Dorothy stated that the little people were not treated very well on set. This fueled theory about a particular scene in the forest where something seems to be hanging from a tree branch, people have said that hanging “thing” was most likely an oppressed little person.

Even animal actors aren’t exempt from the Urban Legends