Tom Hanks Puts This 6 Year Old In Beauty Pageant. When She Turns Around? OMG.

You’re not going to believe this, trust me!

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Actor Tom Hanks is big on winning and he always gets things his way. In the year 2011, the amazing actor featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live to get it out there that he was not only an accomplished thespian but also a strict and qualified beauty pageant coach. Beat that! His host, Kimmel and he get into a conversation where Tom explains that his daughter is into the beauty queen hype and as a father he is always supportive of her.

Tom talks of how in the line of his business, and his contacts alike, he came across an opening where there was some possibility for his daughter, Sophie Hank, to audition in a beauty pageant competition. The event was to take place in Nevada and was dubbed the ‘Ultimate Sexy Baby’ pageant. Jimmy Kimmel then gets to play a clip from Tom and Sophie’s appearance on Toddlers & Tiaras and it is nothing short of hilarious.

The short clip starts off with a scene from the Hank’s home in Sylmar, California 2 days before the pageant. Sophie is seen to be performing her moves in rehearsals while her father who doubles up as her coach is sitting on the couch, watching. The clip is off to a hilarious start when dad and daughter are looking through Sophie’s beauty album and dad explains how she got to first feature in the competitions at the age of 3 months.

He goes ahead to ask her daughter if she remembers that particular contest which she says “not really.” Of course as expected anyway. It continues to let us in to Sophie’s treasure room where more than 40 trophies are paraded all earned from her previous contests. Tom actually explains that they named her Sophie because it rhymes with ‘Trophy’.

His efforts to have her repeat his words fail and she storms away. He goes ahead to let us in in his world where he is making Sophie’s dress, coaching her on the walking style, and receiving an extremely gigantic wig which she should wear at the contest! To cap it all, Hank monitors closely that she does not eat cookies (while he does grabs one for himself) and finally applies lots and lots of make up on her.

The satirical clip heads to Las Vegas, Nevada where Tom and Sophie get to the pageant but fail to clinch the title. Tom is disappointed and can’t fathom what just happened as he had said that whoever is capable of beating Sophie is only Sophie herself!