20 Miraculous Events That You Won’t Believe

Most of these are religious miracles, apparitions of saints and bodies that won’t decay because they are holy. Some of these are miracles of science, events that completely defy the natural and scientific laws of the world and some are just random miracles that happen suddenly, without warning, in the lives of common people. These 20 events are so out of this world miraculous you will have a hard time believing them.

1 – Our Lady of Akita

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In 1973 a Virgin Mary statue in a church in Akita, Japan started to weep tears after a deaf nun named Sister Agnes Sasagawa claimed to see a guardian angel. For 6 years and on 101 occasions, reports of weeping and stigmata from the statue were reported. Ten years later, Sister Agnes regained her lost hearing.

One of the few archaeological proofs that Jesus Christ existed up ahead