Epic In-Ear Device Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time!

Can’t speak a foreign language? No problem. Get yourself this device and understand foreign language in seconds!

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Many a times, we have often found ourselves in those situations where we are trying to converse with others in a different language from ours. It could start out to be funny, but can progress to be disappointing and also outright embarrassing as well. What if there was a way for two persons to hold a meaningful conversation without communicating in the same language?

Well, this could be a thing of the past thanks to a brand new technology in form of a translation device. The device called The Pilot system fits into the ears with ease and we may soon realize that the days of crush learning new dialects now and then are long gone. This noble, potentially ground breaking idea is an innovation of Waverly Labs Company. The device will be available on the shelves in September and will retail at $129.

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The wearer will have two earpieces which will easily fit into the ears. The translation will be available for French, Italian, English and Spanish languages. The operator will have a handy app where they will choose which language they want to receive the translation in. This translation, needless to say, will be real time ensuring that there is no voice lag thus facilitating efficient dialogue between persons.

Asked what the motivation was for coming up with such a genius idea, the creator said that it was necessitated when he met a French girl. Talk of serious motivation. The pilot system is said to translate speech like Babelfish in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  The app will be installed on the mobile devices giving its users great flexibility during its use as no additional gadgets will be required.

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This device will definitely revolutionize much of our interaction and see increased cross-culture engagements which have been hampered by the most basic of functions, communication, through language barriers. It is also to be seen whether there will be any addition of languages available for translation after the launch in September, which will of course be driven by its reception into the market and demand.

The days of random gossiping and taking advantage of language barrier may as well be cut short since it may be very likely that the subject of gossip may be wearing the translation device! So next time you want to learn that new language to secure that job or date, remember there is the revolutionary Pilot translator!