Female Army Captain Collapses On The Ground, Now Watch How The Soldiers Treat Her. SPEECHLESS!

She’s an inspiration for each and every one of us!

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Getting through the military isn’t easy, at least U.S Army Captain Sarah Cudd could attest to this. The rigorous training that the aspiring candidates have to endure is akin to torture and not the least bit for the faint of heart. Captain Cudd’s expert field medical badge which is bestowed upon military personnel who are successful in completing very extensive both written and physical tests can be said to be well deserved.

The final part of the test sees the candidates through a twelve mile road march. Easy, right? Not exactly. The catch to this exercise is that the candidates embark on this match adorning their loads lot of garments, carrying a heavy back pack and a riffle to top it up. Captain Sarah Cudd, together with 45 other recruits set off on this rather involving, eventful march.

However, just a few feet shy of the finishing line, Captain Cudd’s legs could no longer bear and she begun being wobbly, a culmination of the day long fatigue. She leaned forward her riffle tightly tucked under her arms and her pace reduced drastically. A few steps later Captain Cudd, stood upright momentarily, attempted to take a further step ahead and boom! She fell on her knees riffle first, but still in hand.

Chants of encouragement from fellow soldiers urged her to keep going and she got up, took a couple of steps and down she went again. Renewed chants rent the air this time stronger and with more passion. This time however, the journey up was not an easy one. Captain Cudd knelt down, went on all fours, picked up her riffle which she used to prop herself and she stood up but maintained the forward leaning posture.

Now with her riffle under her arms, fellow soldiers in tow and a lot of shouting, she took the remaining journey slowly across the finishing line upon lots and lots of cheering. But what stands out in this experience is the utter determination and dedication with which Captain Cudd conquered this exercise, rising up time and again after each setback unrelentingly.

She could as well have been complacent and said to herself, ‘You know what, I will not do this. I give up’. But rather, she chose to give the course her very all and became an inspiration to not only her fellow soldiers with her then but those with aspiration alike.