20 Strange Things Sold In Vending Machines

Vending machines were first invented in England in the 1880’s and the very first coin operated vending machine dispensed post cards, not candy or snacks. The vending machine has come a long way since then and what has traditionally been used to dispense quick snacks and necessities for the working class of the world is now dispensing more luxurious items like lobsters and caviar. I know, crazy right? Truth be told, there are probably hundreds of even crazier vending machines around the world and here are 20 of the weirdest.

1 – Live Crab Vending Machine | China

image 1

A vending machine in Nanjiang, China sells “fresh” crabs. How fresh are they? They’re technically still alive! The machine keeps them at 41F a temperature that “hibernates” the crab but does not kill them.

You will need at least $500 for this next vending machine