It Seemed Like a Normal Manhole Until They Opened It

All over Milan are pieces of art masquerading as ordinary manholes! The art installations, titled Borderlife, sees artist Biancoshock create tiny “rooms” in manholes. There are three works created for this particular project so far but you can see Biancoshock’s 650 or more pieces of work in his website or on his page on Facebook.

1 – Artist Biancoshock Hides Miniature Underground Rooms inside Manholes in Milan


This is kind of like staying at your grandparent’s old house and discovering something new. A secret door in the attic (that hopefully doesn’t contain too many evil spirits) or a tiny room under the stairs. Biancoshocks Borderlife pieces are a lot like that except that his grandparent’s house is apparently all of Milan and his secret rooms are hidden behind abandoned manholes.

You will be SHOCKED when you see what’s inside these manholes!