Even Jennifer Lawrence Has Her Embarrassing Fan Girl Moments

Jennifer Lawrence is just like the rest of us. Or at least she’s trying to be. She eats pizza like the rest of us, hates it when people comment about her body like the rest of us, is clumsy like the rest of us and is a fan girl of something like the rest of us. Jennifer Lawrence’s fan-girling moments though, admittedly, are more embarrassing than ours. The girl goes on the Graham Norton Show and tells the world how an innocent fan-girling moment became a really embarrassing one because of Lawrence’s own (not so wise) actions.

1 – “I died of embarrassment”

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At age 25, Jennifer Lawrence has already become true Hollywood royalty. With an 174 nominations, 78 wins including an Academy Award for best Actress and a successful movie franchise, or two, under herr belt there is no doubt in the world that J.Law (as she affectionately called by fans) is a certified star. It can’t be avoided however that not everybody is going to know her, no matter how unbelievable that may be. Lawrence spoke on The Graham Norton show about a funny (funny for us anyway) encounter she had with an award winning veteran actor and award winning veteran director.

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