It’s Shocking What Happens When This Cat Meets This Dog

3 – The Russ’ Welcome a Little Kitty Named Roo

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Roo and two of her siblings landed at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Northern Virginia after an animal control officer surrendered these strays to the center. Shelter staff noticed that Roo was extremely malnourished and that her arms seemed to just hang in front of her and that she was always on her hind legs like a kangaroo. This special kitten was sent to NoVa Cat Clinic where she would be examined. The great people at the clinic discovered an anomaly about Roo’s arms, she didn’t have elbow joints! Chelsea Lindsey, AWLS spokesperson, knew exactly who to call for a tough case such as Roo’s. AWLS knew that in order for Roo to survive, she had to be separated from her litter and given one-on-one care.

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