It’s Shocking What Happens When This Cat Meets This Dog

2 – A Little Peak into Marnie and Skeeter’s World

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Marnie Russ is the co-founder of the National Kitten Coalition, told you she was a great human! She has taken in more stray and foster kittens than any person. For the last fifteen years, Russ estimates that she fosters at least hundreds of these cats a year. Russ specializes in the really hard cases. Cats and kittens that are extra tiny, small, sick and delicate—those that might not make it without Marnie Russ’ (and Skeeters!) special brand of tender loving care. These cats, if placed in a shelter with hundreds of other animals will have very slim chances of surviving.

It’s heartbreaking to think though that of the hundreds of cats that come into their lives that none of the cats wanted to be Skeeter’s bestie!

That’s where Roo comes in!