It’s Shocking What Happens When This Cat Meets This Dog

Cats and dogs have traditionally been portrayed as enemies in cartoons and in movies. Cats, traditionally portrayed as intelligent, refined, snooty and British are often, in pop culture, seen as looking down on their dirty, drooling, bumbling doggy counterparts. Times have changed and the internet has ushered in a new trend—that of inter-species snorgling! Or more commonly referred to inter species friendships (but where’s the fun in that??) These next 13 slides will focus on one particular cat and dog friendship that has stolen the hearts of the interwebs!

1 – Skeeter and Roo

image 1

These are Skeeter and Roo. Skeeter is the tiny little pupper while Roo is fluffy little kitty. Skeeter is something of a kitten fanatic. Luckily, there are a whole lot of foster kittens that come through his household. His human is Marnie Russ, a good hearted human is always taking in kittens. that need help in any way.

Marnie says of Skeeter, “He absolutely loves kittens. He protects them like they are his babies”. Aaaaw! Most kittens however, don’t return the favor. Notoriously independent, most cats want nothing to do with Skeeter.

Thankfully, in more ways than one, Roo is not like most kittens. Click to find out why!